Long Island Slip and Fall Attorney

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation from the party who caused your slip and fall. A slip and fall accident can happen under many different circumstances. If the condition that caused your slip and fall was another person’s negligence, they may be held financially responsible for the damages you suffer as a result. To find out how a slip and fall attorney can help you, call the experienced legal team at Gold & Gold.

  • For more than 40 years, Gold & Gold’s team of attorneys has been fighting with integrity for the injured and those who have lost loved ones.
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  • Over the years, our law firm has secured significant compensation for our clients who have been injured in slip and falls.

If you or a family member is suffering from injuries sustained in a slip and fall accident caused by another person’s negligence, you need experience you can trust. You need the passionate team of trial attorneys at Gold & Gold by your side. We work hard to secure the best outcome possible for all our clients and we will do the same for you. Call us today at (516) 888-4653 and take advantage of a free case evaluation.

Falls Can Cause Serious Injury

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), each year millions of people 65 years and older fall, and one out of five falls causes serious injury. Falls can result in injuries such as:

  • Broken bones
  • Hip injury
  • Brain injury
  • Laceration

These injuries may involve costly medical stays, doctor visits, and rehabilitation. A slip and fall victim may also bear the cost of missing time from work. If your slip and fall was the result of another person’s failure to properly maintain their property, you may be entitled to make a claim for your damages from them.

Who is Responsible for Your Slip and Fall Injury?

Every property owner or manager has a duty to maintain their property to avoid causing harm to visitors on their property. In some states, the duty changes depending on the status of the visitor on the property, but even trespassers have protection under the law. New York law no longer differentiates between the status of the visitor. Property owners owe all visitors to their property – whether they are invitees (a visitor to a store or business), licensees (a social visitor), or trespassers – a reasonable standard of care. A property owner must remove all hazardous conditions on their property, and have a duty to warn others of potential hazards on the property. When a property owner or manager’s failure to uphold their duty results in a slip and fall injury, they can be held legally liable for the victim’s losses.

How Can a Slip and Fall Attorney Help You?

Pursuing compensation after your slip and fall accident is very important. The money you recover will take care of your financial costs so that you can focus your energy on your recovery. A slip and fall attorney can help you put a value on your claim and ensure that the responsible parties do not escape liability. Whether your case is resolved through a settlement or it goes to trial, having a lawyer who knows the law and has experience with slip and fall cases is your best chance of getting the compensation you deserve.

Contact Gold & Gold for Competent Slip and Fall Representation

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, do not take the chance of putting your case in the hands of an inexperienced attorney. Gold & Gold has an extensive track record of results over 40 years of representing slip and fall victims like you. We offer free consultations. Call us today at (516) 888-4653 to schedule your free case evaluation.