Long Island Rideshare Accident Attorney

Popular rideshare apps like Uber and Lyft are making getting around more accessible and are helping to take impaired drivers off the road. Chances are, you or someone in your life use the service frequently. Risks are involved with any occasion you are on the road, and sometimes they happen when using a rideshare service.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an Uber/Lyft accident, you will need legal representation to help navigate the complicated insurance process. A Long Island rideshare accident attorney at Gold & Gold, P.A. can help you during this challenging time.

Why Choose Gold & Gold, P.A. to Handle Your Rideshare Accident?

  • We pride ourselves on fighting with integrity because of our compassion for our clients.
  • Insurance companies know that we are primarily trial lawyers, and this is an important bargaining chip that we   bring to negotiations.
  • Whether through mediation or trial, we are committed to ensuring the maximum settlement possible for our clients.

What are the Causes of Long Island Rideshare Accidents?

Uber and Lyft drivers have more distractions than the average driver. They are often distracted by conversations with passengers, the GPS giving them directions, alerts from their work app, traffic, and finding their way around unfamiliar areas. Along with distractions, some other causes are as follows:

  • Speeding can be to blame for many auto accidents. Rideshare drivers hurry to drop off passengers and pick up new ones. It can sometimes cause them to drive too fast for the conditions, causing an accident.
  • Following too closely or tailgating, the driver ahead of them causes accidents that could easily be avoided. Drivers cannot predict the car’s actions in front of them in time to avoid collisions.
  • Driver fatigue can be deadly. A tired driver can be as dangerous as a drunk driver since their reflexes cannot be depended on to act quickly when needed.
  • Unsafe lane changes happen when drivers do not signal or ensure no one is in their blind spot before switching lanes. This could occur when a driver misses directions on his GPS and is trying to correct the situation quickly.
  • Vehicles that are poorly maintained pose particular risks. Slick or bald tires, lack of brake or signal lights, and brakes that are not functioning properly can all cause wrecks on the highway.
  • Ignoring traffic signals is to blame for Uber/Lyft accidents because the driver is in a hurry to pick up the next passengers. They often try to beat a caution light by accelerating, and when they do not make it, it can lead to an accident.
  • Improper turns can happen at intersections, often colliding with pedestrians or other vehicles.

Understanding Complicated Insurance for Rideshare Drivers

One of the primary reasons you need a Long Island rideshare accident lawyer is because of the complicated insurance structure that Lyft and Uber drivers use. The way they are covered by insurance, their own or the rideshare company’s, throughout their shifts differs. Rideshare accident lawyers in Long Island understand the structure and can determine who is responsible for your injuries and damages.

Our Rideshare Accident Lawyers in Long Island are Ready to Fight for You

Your team at Gold & Gold, P.A. team is ready to handle all aspects of your case. We will investigate by analyzing the police report, speaking with witnesses, and collecting evidence from the crime scene to establish who the liable parties are. We will calculate the damages you have suffered and may suffer in the future and devise a generous settlement package for you.

We will then negotiate with the insurance companies to get every penny you are owed. We will communicate with those involved in your accident on your behalf and will keep you informed of the details as they occur.

If your case cannot be negotiated to your satisfaction, we are ready to flex our muscles as trial lawyers and litigate your case before a jury. We are here to fight for you. Contact Gold & Gold, P.A., rideshare accident lawyers in Long Island, today.