Summer Driving Safety Tips for New York City

July 27, 2023Uncategorized

Summer is currently in full swing in New York City. The city is experiencing some of its hottest days on record. For many New Yorkers, the summer months typically mean traveling, vacations, and going to the shore. However, some of us still commute to the office daily, even when temperatures almost reach triple digits. 

No matter your plans this summer, you must remain safe while driving around New York City. The last thing you want to deal with is a hefty ticket fine or, worse, a serious crash or collision. That said, here are five summer driving safety tips to help you avoid a car accident.

1. Always Inspect Your Vehicle before Driving It.

Before you get in your vehicle, it is highly recommended that you conduct a thorough inspection. You should check your tires, oil, coolant, windshield wipers, lights, brakes, steering wheel, and more. While you may think these are tedious tasks that can wait, they may help you prevent a severe collision and save your or others’ lives.

2. Keep Your Air Conditioning On, Especially If You Have Children or Pets in the Vehicle.

It is very hot in New York City this summer. Therefore, you should keep your air conditioning on to keep you and all your passengers cool during your commute or travel. If your air conditioning system is malfunctioning, you must fix it as quickly as possible. While you may be able to handle having the windows rolled down, your children, elderly passengers, or even your pets will be greatly affected by the scorching heat.

3. Wear Your Seat Belt at All Times while the Vehicle Is in Motion.

Even though wearing a seat belt may seem annoying, you must wear it every time you get into your vehicle. You should also make sure each one of your passengers is buckled up before you drive off. This will help keep you and them secure in case you get into an accident.

4. Check Your Surroundings and Blind Spots.

Before you change lanes, turn, back out of your driveway, or drive around a busy parking lot, you must check and remain aware of your surroundings and blind spots. While New York City’s streets stay busy year-round, children, residents, and tourists play and walk more frequently during the summer months. That said, the last thing you want to do is strike someone or run them over while driving.

5. Plan Your Route Accordingly.

With more people visiting and enjoying New York City in the summer, you should always plan your route before getting in the car. There may be more collisions, construction areas, and traffic on routes that you normally take. However, if you do some research beforehand and plan your route accordingly, you may be able to avoid these inconveniences. This may also help prevent you from feeling rushed, as you will know what to expect and how much time you need to reach your destination.

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