Safety Tips for Winter Driving in New York

December 30, 2022Personal Injury

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, and driving safety is vital. We at Gold & Gold, P.A. want you to stay safe and enjoy the winter season. Here are some tips for driving safely in the frosty New York weather.

Winter is Coming. Let’s get Prepared.

We recommend winterizing your vehicle before it is actually necessary. This way, you are ahead of the game and can easily make an appointment with your mechanic. Once winter is here, there will be a rush for their services.

Your mechanic can perform these simple steps to make your winter driving a lot safer:

  • Have your battery tested, and make sure it is ready for the cold weather.
  • Replace worn windshield wipers and replace windshield washer fluid.
  • Ensure that the thermostat is functioning properly.
  • Check the headlights, tail lights, brake lights, hazard lights, and signal lights to ensure that you will be seen on the darkest, snowiest night.
  • Make sure your car is filled with antifreeze.
  • Have your mechanic check out your ignition system.
  • Checking your exhaust system to make sure it is functioning correctly is also advised.
  • Have the car’s heater checked out. Cold weather is coming, but you don’t have to be uncomfortable.
  • Have your brakes checked. Properly functioning brakes are crucial, but perhaps even more so when driving conditions are complicated.
  • Checking all of the car’s fluids is a good idea. It’s probably a good time for an oil change.
  • Winter tires are a must. Tires with sufficient tread are crucial in dangerous weather.

Safe Winter Driving Requires Preparation

There are a few things that you should assemble now and put in your car. Preparation now leads to a safer winter. Here are five things to put in your vehicle that you will thank yourself for later.

  • Car chains can be life savers in snowy conditions.
  • A windshield scraper may seem obvious to put in your car. But it never hurts to be reminded.
  • A small broom can be very helpful when removing ice or snow.
  • Gas. You’ll always need it, so make it a goal to maintain at least half a tank this winter. Fill up any time you are out, and it’s convenient.
  • Phone chargers are of the utmost importance. You probably have one in your car, but if not, here’s your reminder to get one that lives in your vehicle.

Tips for Staying Safe on a Cold Winter’s Night(or Day)

Check the weather. Stay home or wait out the bad weather if the conditions are dangerous. That may not always be an option, so if you are facing wintery conditions, here is our best advice to keep you safe.

  • Avoid hitting the car in front of you by steering off the road if it looks like a crash is inevitable. Your vehicle will sustain less damage, and it is likely that you will too.
  • Travel roads that are likely to be clear and scraped. Avoid roads off the beaten path that will be more slippery and dangerous, even if the routes are typically faster.
  • Bridges and overpasses become icy and slippery before the rest of the road. Avoid them when possible, and use extra care when you cannot avoid them.
  • Don’t use cruise control. You have control over the acceleration and deceleration when you use your own gas pedal and brake.

Stay Safe and Warm Out There

We hope you have a wonderful winter season. With our tips and a nice hot chocolate, you’ll have a safe and cozy winter!